Wednesday, May 15, 2013

blessed beyond belief

I took the day off work today and watched the kiddos.
My favorite way to spend a day is as a family. Today D was there in spirit. :)

My goal, which I told the kiddos this morning, was to glorify the Lord in my words and actions today. (It helps to say it out loud to the the kiddos in your care!) I also wanted to have a healthy mix of teach and play. We had a lovely day. Exhausting, but in the words of Eliza "loverly".

We went to the zoo...because the weather warranted it. Apparently 13+ schools, and a gazillion other families thought so too. It was packed! I've become so spoiled to the member pass and attending on days when it's downright sparse. Today was hot, crowded, and an absolute blast. Because we frequent the zoo approximately once a week, we know what we want to see and how to see it while avoiding the crowds.

My favorite exhibit is the gorilla forest. I will not (will not!) go there on a crowded day. The taunting, and crass exploration of these animals makes this mama skip over those lovely creatures on days like today. We pick and choose. It's so nice to not feel like you HAVE to see it all to get your money's worth. I'm spoiled. For real yo.

We ate a picnic lunch at the zoo, changed diaper/put on a "nap diaper" (pull-up) before heading out and BOTH kids were OUT before we left the parking lot. Epic win for this mommy!

After a nap, we had "table toy" time (aka teaching/purposeful play). I strive to fill the kid's days with child-led play and parent-led play. Free play is imperative, but too much of a good thing is unwise when we can stretch them with some parent-led play as well. Reading, math, phonics, rhymes, songs, pretend play, and gross motor play are great ways for parents to dive in with their kids.

Planting pansies, reading about Earthmovers and the Futher Tale of Peter Rabbit, math games, sensory play, play dough, kitchen play, puzzles, shopping, time outs, sunscreen, sweating, discovering, worm hunting, sliding, climbing (onto a toilet!), potty training, talking, laughing, video taping, and snuggling. What a blessed and exhausting day.

Check out this blog post for a reminder that time passes, and memories are worth making.

Much love!

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