Monday, April 22, 2013

holding pattern

The two times I've gotten sick on an airplane, I
a. wanted to die
b. was told by the voice on the loudspeaker that we were in a holding pattern
c. I wanted no one to witness the embarrassment that everyone was witnessing. 

 I have a problem with holding patterns.

renovate...hold off
replace...make do
paint...don't paint
long term...short term

We keep getting ready to put our foot on the accelerator, only to back it off a bit first.
We keep talking long term, and seeing change on the horizon.
We've made mistakes in the past and are not eager for a repeat.
We've seen doors close and open.
We know what it looks like to muscle our will.
We know the pain that comes from that.
We also don't want to miss out.
I don't want to be afraid.


On top of all of that...I'm struggling with forgiveness.
As in giving it freely.
As in not picking up the problem/anger/hurt after I've done the forgiving.
Not always the easiest.
I figure that if I'm faithful to continually let go of the hurt as it arises and choose forgiveness...God will fill in the cracks.
I don't know what that means except to say that I'm trusting that if I choose Christ, He'll fix the rest.


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