Monday, April 8, 2013

cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger!

What do you find yourself saying to get kids to look at the camera and smile?
Cheeseburger is my current fave.

I'm watching the Louisville vs. Michigan game
drinking a glass of two buck chuck
and reminiscing about this past weekend

Not many people know that I have a poor memory.
I struggle with worries that I'll forget the good.
I work on memorizing moments.
Pictures help.
This blog helps.
It's like a salve to that potential wound.
I used to journal. Regularly. No time commitments, not rhythm, but I have done it all my life.
In some ways this silly blog is my journal. Although I hold back some thoughts and some of the hard.
 I work on a cup-half-full mentality with most of life...this is my chance to put it into practice. 
I'm a firm believer that what you focus on you get more of.
Science backs me up on this one.
So does fun experiments with toddlers.
Want your kid to stop running?
 For pete's sake folks we need to stop saying "Stop running!"...try instead "walk". Then notice their walk. "I said walk and you slowed your feet like this (show them), and you looked at me like this (show them). You're really listening." 
Sorry...channeling Dr. Becky Bailey and her behavior management techniques from my teaching days. I never knew how much use I'd get out of those teacher trainings!

Anywho...what you focus on you get more of. 
I figure the more I focus on the small, blissful moments of this life I've been blessed with I can't go wrong. 
Here are three from this past weekend. 
::daddy love::

::working hard:: 

::little drummer girl::

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  1. It really IS the little things that make us happiest and those are the fun memories that pop up and make us smile! Like your posts and blogs do for me!
    Love you!


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