Monday, April 22, 2013

before and after

I was struck the other day by the physical changes.
She has grown in so many ways: personality, gross motor, fine motor, communication...
This isn't the most recent picture of her, but again...I haven't taken the time to pull those off the camera.
As this little girl starts walking, I can't help but remember the snuggle bug she once was.
I'm looking forward to the toddler years when she'll hopefully choose to snuggle again (like her big brother).
Now that she's been in the sun, her hair has lightened up even more.
Some strands are full on blonde.
I remember being shocked at the full head of black hair this tiny little girl had.
Then she had a Cindy Lou Who hairdo with a tiny sweet tuft of hair popping straight up in the back.
After that she went to a mohawk and rocked it like no other.
Now, she's getting her kid hair in. She's got soft, loose curls in the back after a bath and about a handful of longer hairs that go past her bangs in the front.
before and after ::sweet Viv::

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