Monday, April 8, 2013

3 stripes you're out!

Not really, but our downstairs bathroom made me feel like we were striking out. We've made the upstairs the kid's name only. The truth is, that bathroom is very, very rarely used. 

Recap: We have a potty training toddler.
We have a clingy 10 month old.
We have crazy sleep schedules because of shift work and previously mentioned toddler and baby.
We only use the downstairs "master" bathroom. It's convenient, it doesn't wake the babies...and it has the jacuzzi. Enough said. 

Now that we are working on a makeover of the master, we decided to make the bathroom a grown-up area in actuality as well as rhetoric. 

Here's a really honest before

Actually, not totally honest because I made sure that you couldn't see the entire roll of toilet paper little man had placed in the toilet, and scooted clothes/diapers off the floor.
Judge not lest ye be judged.
It's functional, it's cluttered, and it's got no Sarah-ness. 

Here's a during
Don't adjust your monitor. There are some barely-visible-on-camera cream on cream stripes. In real life, they are dreamy. 

Still cluttered, but good news...the toilet paper mound was successfully retrieved from the toilet so I'd call it a success.

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