Wednesday, March 27, 2013

que cera cera

Are you a planner?
I can't help myself.
I remember trying to be carefree in college. 
It made me anxious.

D and I have made some decisions lately-prayerful decisions
When D and I were in premarital counseling, we talked about how he's a big picture guy and I'm an interpersonal girl.
 Nothing could be more true.
This interpersonal girl likes to follow that big picture guy.
I like it when he seeks the Lord and maps out a picture for us.

Right now our plans are to stay put.
and be content
and dig into our life here
and invest our time and energy in our family, our neighbors and our community group
I'm grateful for the chance to dig in

I'm enjoying the plans we're making
Herb garden, wisteria, back patio, new grill (we rocked our old one until it literally started falling apart!)
Plans to make our master bedroom a sanctuary, a retreat from the stresses of life, a completed project
Plans to make one bathroom a kid's bathroom and the other an adult bathroom. 
Plans to get Vivi tucked into her new room, to make it her room showing her personality

Are you a planner?
Sometimes our plans are made without considering the Lord's will
We are more than guilty of that here at the Alsey household
We are working on seeking and trusting around here

For all of the known we see right now, we have a lot of unknown.
We have questions and stressors that are right beneath the surface
We have our desires battling with the Lord's desires
Which by the way, His desires are for us to desire Him... to trust Him
Even when the path is not clear.

We are working on staying put and soaking it in
These are our "soaking it in faces".

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