Thursday, March 21, 2013

one of these things is not like the other

same chair

same new development (pulling up)

same independence

same open mouth

same age

same ::proud mama::
One huge difference came to me as I was putting these photos together...
table number one: place mats, fresh flowers, and candles (ignore the purse and stray bowl)
table number two: didn't even get in the pic because it's state was way too embarrassing

my mom found a website home sanctuary on pinterest
blogger, Rachel, gives a challenge a day to improve our homes, lives, families
It's a quick read and a quick daily challenge called "Today's Small Thing".
Yesterday: "Today's Small Thing is to clean ONE thing that is above eye level."

When on maternity leave with both kiddos, I would set one goal a day to accomplish during the first few weeks. I'd add to it as possible. Truth about yesterday's Small Thing: I didn't do it.
 But, today my small thing will be making our family table inviting again. :)

What's your small thing for today?

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