Saturday, February 9, 2013

while we breathe, we hope

I don't know how much D will want me to share. 
He's in California. I am in Kentucky.
This evening he prayed at his dad's hospital bedside. 
While he was praying, his dad passed away. 

His body is here.
His soul is in heaven.

I praise the Lord for the privilege of having Daniel Alsey as my father-in-law.
I praise the Lord for allowing Dustin to be present with Dan.
I praise the Lord for the memories I have and the stories I will pass on to future generations.
I praise the Lord for a husband who is seeking Jesus in the midst of hard times. 
I praise the Lord for the promises of comfort and peace he makes.
I praise the Lord that "'death has lost its sting".

People always want to know what they can do. 
Here are some specific prayer requests:

D will be leaving CA tomorrow and traveling to Phoenix for a week of work. 
He's on the other side of the country, he's just lost his dad, and he's not coming home right away. 
As a wife missing her husband, wanting to be a comfort to him, please know that any prayers of peace you can send his way will be appreciated.

I will be taking the kids to California in the near future for a memorial service and to help get affairs in order. Please pray for traveling mercies.

Vivi is going from one cold to the next. Her cough has this mama bird alert. Please pray for health for the babies. 

Please pray for this upcoming week as I try to make it as normal as possible for the kids while D is away. 

Please pray that we learn from this experience. The Lord has provided us an opportunity to grow in Him. I pray that we are able to do so.

Family and friends of Dan. 
Please pray for those that are personally affected by this loss. 


  1. May the peace that passes all understanding fill the hearts of the Alsey family. And may the love of Jesus bring you comfort.
    We love you,
    Mom & Dad/Grandma & Grandpa

  2. Hi Sarah, I wanted to let you know that Ed and I (& the kids, too) are praying for you all.
    The Stogners


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