Monday, February 4, 2013

mama photos

i am in the process of working out. 

(not right this second. right this second i'm watching bunheads,
 drinking a glass of wine,  and blogging before i crawl into bed.) 

i went to the doctor and was weighed. hence the working out part. turns out i needed that to get my booty into the gym. in the meantime, i'm working on putting myself into pictures with the kids.
i'm not waiting on feeling good about myself before i turn the camera towards me.
 it's much easier to point the camera at others. 

i am working on being less critical of myself and recognizing that kids want to see their mamas. 

they don't see the imperfections we do. they see mama. they want mama. and they'll want to see mama in pictures with themselves. 

here's to not being too hard on myself. 

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