Wednesday, February 27, 2013

first full day back, and...

I am wiped out. 

Our trip out west was not a vacation. We never used that word. We did often call it an odyssey. Before we left I fretted about the kids being cooped up in the car for three days straight. I fretted about the exhaustive nature of the trip. I fretted about saying goodbye. I fretted about comforting D. Bottom line, I was fretting.

The number one question I've been asked is about how the kiddos did, and honestly...amazingly. On the drive out they didn't fuss until about half an hour before we rolled into Reno.
That means that late into day 3 they began to break down. I pulled out all of the stops. Fun music, puppet show, mommy acting like a kid...the truck drivers sure got a show. Good news is that it worked.
note the tear

trying to have fun

praying his wife can keep the tears away with silliness

nothing is quite as funny as a mommy being incredibly silly...except when it's being silly with puppets and music shakers.
Bottom line, the fretting wasn't worth it. Yes, the trip was exhausting for everyone involved. Yes, we were cooped up in the car for 5+ days. Yes, D needed comfort from me and it was sometimes hard to navigate that new territory. 
But God is good. 
He provided for us time and time again.

I fell more in love with my husband when he shared God's good love at his dad's memorial service.
I fell more in love with my children as they turned to me for comfort in an unsettling and dramatic experience.
 I fell more in love with my God as He showed an intense love for us that week. 
Without going into specifics, very detailed prayers were answered.
The Alsey family made it back safely. 
Yes, a bit exhausted, but closer and stronger for the survival of it all.
We will praise the Lord when it's easy, and we will praise the Lord when it's hard. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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