Tuesday, February 5, 2013

best laid plans

Last night, I came out of Dean's room at 10:48.
I know this because I was shocked at how late it was.
I had fallen asleep in the bird chair watching him go to sleep.
My best guess is that I'd been dozing for an hour and a half.
I had all sorts of plans for cleaning the house, myself, and working on downloading pictures to Google drive. I opted for the pictures (because those are the most pressing things on the list!), and at 11 Vivi woke up. She hasn't woken up at that time...ever.
She was cranky.
I was cranky.
She was tired.
I was tired.
I was also determined to have a few minutes to myself.
I got her back to bed quickly and settled back into pictures.
The next time I looked at the clock it was past midnight.

Around 2:30 I was up again with Viv.
At 4:30 D came home and would have liked to spend time with me, but I was spent.
At 5:30, my alarm went off, and at 5:37 my feet hit the ground running.
Tonight I'll rush from work to the babysitter's house (aka angels in disguise) and make the long drive home. We'll get to our home sweet home around 6:30.

Then there will be babies to be fed, bodies to be washed, and train tracks to be constructed. 

I'll hear crying, "I don't want to.", no, and "yes, ma'am".
I'll hear laughter, "Will you play with me mommy?",dadadad, and "I love you".
I'll see spilled milk, dirty clothes, and lots of smiles.
There will be cuddles, snuggles, and whispers of love.
We will sing songs, splash water, and talk about Jesus.

I will search for the Lord in my evening. in the mundane, the exasperating, the frustrating, and the joyful moments. I will seek to find new ways to show the kids my heart.

and then I'll fall asleep in the bird chair...happy and blessed.

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  1. What a blessing and joy it is to be a mother! Savor ALL of it, Sweetie!
    Thanks for sharing and stirring some of my best memories.
    love you! Mom


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