Thursday, January 3, 2013

fickle with facebook

I am a fickle, fickle facebooker.
Some might even call me a "flip flopper".
D would say it's because I have two x chromosones.
I say it's because I haven't fully decided the results of a cost/benefit analysis of the site.
I use facebook for pictures, but because of privacy concerns I've been (slowly) working on making the pictures private.

I have family in California. I'd like them to see the kiddos, but have you ever taken the time to go back through all of your albums and check the settings?
Now that the settings and format are changing again  (thanks facebook) it's like trying to hit a moving target. And that's not fun since
I'm not a good shot, on a good day (with my eyes open).
A year ago, I made a rule that if I hadn't spoken with a "friend" in a calendar year and the person wasn't family, I was going to delete them.
I deleted many, many "friends". It was nothing personal. I simply needed a way to thin the masses. The news feed was overwhelming.
I took a hack saw to the list. I probably should have used an exacto knife.
It's more my speed.
I've just recently added some old and some new friends back.
Then it hit me.
Rather than facebook all my pics...why not locate an online storage (cloud-ish) option?
Anyone recommend an online file storage option?
I'm thinking about going with Google Drive. Unless someone tells me it's rubbish.

2013 resolution #1
::Stop trying to do it all::

I can't do it all this year.
I need to stop trying. 
Rather than write a blog and keep up with facebook, I'm choosing to do one and seriously limit the other.
I'll be pulling most pics from facebook and using this blog as my outlet instead.

If you're here. .::Welcome::.

::Check out the latest blog written on maven's site for more info on what we currently do with all of our kid photos. ::

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