Monday, January 14, 2013

::all in::

What is it in your life that you'd consider yourself "all in" with? Where do you find happiness?
church community

Right now, we're working through a rad series at church

I'm just going to fess up and say that this lifelong follower of Christ has always avoided that particular portion of the good book. As in, sequester-you-in-a-house-with-lots-of-yellow-tape-because-you've-got-the-plague-and-you're-on-lock-down, type of avoiding.

It looked boring.
The good news about the good news isn't.
The bad news...I should have read through it years ago.


Do you want to be happy? It’s not a trick question; of course you do. We all want to be happy. We all search for things that will bring us pleasure. At the height of his reign, king Solomon, the traditionally held author of Ecclesiastes, set out to find out if there was any lasting pleasure under heaven, apart from God. He set his vast resources to the task and examined every form of pleasure available to him (which was pretty much everything). And he wisely finds all of the pleasures under the sun to be lacking. So, where can true happiness be found? Listen in as Daniel Montgomery unpacks on king’s quest for happiness and satisfaction and follows it through to the ultimate satisfaction – that found with God.



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