Monday, December 17, 2012

clean-ish toilets

so each year i promise myself i'll get christmas done early. i'll get cards sent out, presents purchased and wrapped before christmas eve, traditions prepped and ready for enjoying
hasn't ever fully come together yet.
the problem: life gets in the way!
tonight, i'll be putting the babies to bed and wrapping presents- after i tackled the piles of laundry that look like they could eat me and all of the other daily chores.
do you "quick clean"? that's what i call a normal night's cleaning- the kind where you pick up dirty clothes, books, toys, etc. off of the floor, wipe down major surfaces in the kitchen, set the dishwasher and coffee pot and drag myself up to bed...exhausted.

every now and then i'll go one step beyond...
all of the really hard "ing" words
D and i used to always want our home ready for company
i worked diligently (and tirelessly) to keep it as close to spotless as possible
if you'd needed to use our restroom, we wouldn't have been embarrassed back then
seriously, that was a goal of mine!

i can't help but laugh at the worries i took on back then!
if only i'd known then what i know now!
the funny thing is this- we very rarely had company back then ( aka pre-kids) and now that life has gotten busy, hectic, and very ::messy:: we feel the Lord impressing hospitality on our hearts in a new way
and...we're actually listening to his calling
my house is not like a magazine
it's not even like a pretty blog
(all of these pics are courtesy of one of my favorite daily reads and very pretty blogwhatever
my house is lived in
and loved on
::a lot::
my toilet seats are new (thank you handy husband!), but they're not clean at the moment
and that's ok

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