Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Butterfingers, a note to self

If you eat too many Butterfingers, you may get fat.

If you get fat, you may cave the lid to a giant plastic tote you've been "temporarily" using as a desk chair. 

If the lid caves in, you will fall.

If you fall, you may lose some dignity and potentially get (a little) stuck.

If you get stuck, you might rock yourself forward until you tip the plastic tote and get unstuck.

 If you fall (and you can't get up), you may throw out your back.

If you throw out your back, you may become cranky.

If you get cranky, your loved ones (and strangers for that matter) may suffer for it.

If after a long day of feeling cranky and forcing others to suffer for it, you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror (and really look), you may resolve to make changes.

If you resolve to make changes, you may suceed with a few (like no more Butterfingers or Diet Cokes).

If you suceed with a few, you may feel empowered.

If you feel empowered, you may try a few more resolutions (like exercising 3 times a week).

If you try a few more, others may notice.

If others notice, they may comment.

If they comment, you can find a way to turn the glory to the Lord.

If the Lord is given the glory, the Butterfingers and the long journey back to healthy were all worth it.

(sort of)

::note to self: try not to fall into anymore giant plastic totes.::
::Oh, and stop eating Butterfinger candy bars!::

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