Monday, December 3, 2012

::baby love::

Tomorrow, my dear Vivi Ruth will be 6 months old. That's crazy town! I can't even begin to fathom how fast this half a year has passed. She's bubbly, she's transparent in her emotions, she's a flirt, and she's "our baby".

The number one comment I've heard about my Vivi is "her whole face lights up when she smiles". It's true. We could jump off the grid if only we could harness her joy expressed.

The phrase that the Lord has impressed on my heart while parenting her is this: "God gave me this baby for this time in my life." Everytime, I doubt my capabilities to be a great parent to this little girl, I'm reminded of this truth. God knew before he made her inside me what her life, moreover, what my life's challenges would be while raising her.

My goal for my little girl: to know and love Jesus more than me. My goal for my little man: to know and love Jesus more than me. My goal for myself as a mama: to show Jesus to my babies in my words, my actions, my tones, my grand guestures and my mundane moments.

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