Wednesday, September 21, 2011

times, they are a changin', and workout suggestions (please)

Yesterday was my baby bird's last day for a bottle. He's changing so fast it makes my heart swell. I know that this is the Lord's plan (the growing up part), but sometimes it's hard on the mamas of the world.

Newborn, tiny Dean

Current Dean. Notice his feet. He's trying to climb into the draw, he opened up.

Why the end of the bottle? Dean has been pulling the nipple out (easily) and dumping the contents everywhere/sucking on the rubber nipple alone. We'd been having problems here, but it's really become an issue at daycare. Not only is it a complete mess, but it's also had me pretty scared. It seemed like only a matter of time before he aspirated the nipple. Scary stuff.

I had a long talk with his daycare teacher, Ms. Patsy (she's an angel and loves Dean). She recommended a soft nipple sippy cup and said she'd get started on transitioning him today.

Today, Dean wanted his bottle. He was given the sippy cup. He threw his sippy cup out the daycare window. Seriously.

I hadn't planned on cutting him off the bottle cold turkey, but it seems to be the best course at this point.
Enough about bottle and my mama sadness. Onto some positive news...

I've been working out again. Hallelujah! It's a Christmas miracle!!! Especially since I'd like to get this roll o' fat on my belly down before this Christmas rolls around (pun intended). :)

I work at an apartment complex. We have a fitness center, and I have an hour lunch break. I have no excuse to not shag my rear end down there at least 4 days a week to do some cardio and weights. This week will only be three times because of the sippy cup/hair dye buying adventure that I had yesterday and I always do my weekly grocery shopping Monday during lunch (best time saver EVER).

Anywho, I have been checking out Christian romance novels at the library like crazy because I love a good love story any time of the day- including the sweating-to-burn-off-gobbles-of-fat-time.

Quick reads, not the greatest writing, but it gets the romance craving satisfied without the tawdry stuff.
I read, I ride, it's been great, except the little issue of my rear end sliding out of the seat because my pants are too slick on the slick seat. Not slick from sweat (I don't actually work that hard!), slick from the material.

I guess it's the being 30, but I solved the problem by cutting some drawer liner to place beneath me whilst I read. I carry it to and from the gym. It is white and works well holding utensil caddies in place and my rear end. I am very uncool, but I am committed to overcoming this battle of the bulge.

My eating has been reigned in (minus some sweets today). Thank you accountability to my husband. He asks me regularly "Did you eat any candy today?". It helps. At first he was only asking me, "Did you eat a candy bar today?", but I fessed up to the fact that my sugar craving mind had already worked my way around that tricky question with a million other terrible, sugar-filled options.

Final side note. I miss yoga. I miss it a lot- the whole group class experience. The way it made my body feel. The way I used to crave it as much as I was craving sugar a month ago. My joints are feeling achy today. Some of you know the battle I had with an arthritic flare up years ago. It was terrible. I cried trying to button pants, tie my shoes, etc.
I strongly believe that stress was a key factor in my body's actions.

Life is stressful right now.
Especially for D.
I am feeling the stress in my neck, shoulders,and joints. If that's not a motivator to lose some of the weight and get those endorphins pulsing throughout- I don't know what is.

What are your favorite ways to burn calories?
What would you do in a gym for an hour, 4 times a week?
P.S. Don't you dare say lunges. People that like lunges need a reading a Christian romance novel series. ;)

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  1. I LOVE lunges! They really make me feel good about my powerful (or increasingly powerful) legs....
    I like the elliptical or the bike if I can't run, but I feel that running is a better workout. I'm too intimidated by free-weights but I always just google exercises I can do without weights or that aren't very difficult moves. Crunches. I've been taking classes because I like having someone to push me.


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