Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fall equals football in the Alsey household

Last weekend, D surprised me with a trip to Morehead State University for a football game.

Three things to know about me:
1. I love fall.
2. I love a day trip.
3. I love watching a football game in person...with good weather...

First things first, we had to figure out how to get there. Don't you love google maps? That combined with a friend's suggestion that we take Mountain Parkway got us going on our journey.

Over the hills and through the woods we rode. Dean slept most of the ride out. The last 15 minutes or so he was ready to be there, and let's be honest when a baby is screaming to get out I'd much rather hear the infamous, "Are we there yet?" question.

Not from the trip, but the face is the same.

We found our way around Morehead, KY, and got settled into our seats. We were worried about the task of getting to our seats with a baby, in a crowd, on a time crunch. We shouldn't have been.

Home Stands 2008
Photo from Wikipedia

After the first touchdown by Morehead, Dean did a scared loud cry/scream. It was sad. He shakes when he is scared. So, we headed to the top of the bleachers where the noses bleed and the sound is minimal.

We were exhausted by the end of it all. Oh, and we learned a very important lesson...Dean is not old enough for football games. 

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