Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday!

In less than an hour, I'll officially be old thirty...I don't know. Somehow, I'm holding onto a lot of excitement about it. All of the times I said, "thirty is the new twenty" must have sunken in. That, and I have a good feeling about where my life is right now. I see bright days ahead.  

All old jokes aside, I appreciate my life. A lot. We're not guaranteed a second of it.

I often tell D, "If it all ends tomorrow, it's been enough, it's been perfect."

I've been avoiding some nightly chores and played with picnik (a free photo editing site) instead. If you've never tried it, it's super duper easy, and it's all sorts of fun. My first goal was to work on a fresh blog header, but I got carried away with other things instead. It is AMAZING what a little cropping can do for a photo. Seriously, AMAZING. They also allow creative effects to photos. Here's a few of the pics I altered today.

A fun baby bear collage! We couldn't help ourselve. Sorry, Dean!

A touched up mama and baby.

Today's family picture before work (I said I needed a picture of the last day I'm in my 20's!)

Mama and Dean

Grandma Harbin and Dean
One of my favorites.

Final thought from an amazing artist, Katie Daisy (you can find her work on

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  1. So proud of my beautiful daughter! Inner and outer beauty are a great combo and you demonstrate both. God bless and keep you, Sarah---He truly blessed us with you! Love you! Happy Birthday!!!!


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