Wednesday, July 6, 2011

showing, showing, gone!

I am currently knee deep in the joys of trying to sell our house. 
Our listing agent is doing...nada. 
Yes, I'm communicating with her. I
 was a communication major after all. 
Yes, I can think of a million different ways to market the house and follow up on leads. 
I am a leasing agent after all. 
No, we don't have any nibbles yet. 
Yes, we've dropped our price. 


Moving on...(pun intended)

Dean is at Grandma and Grandpa's this week. His daycare takes a week vacation each year. D is at work tonight, so I my underwear. Not really.

The house is VERY quiet tonight. So quiet I can hear myself think. It's nice.

What am I saying to myself? 
Namely that I'm tired today, that I need to email my real estate agent, and take a bubble bath before bed. (try saying that 3 times fast!) 
Oh, and I want this dress.

Goodbye, anthropologie. Hello, Shabby Apple!

I have found at least 12,000 fun/crafty projects that I've been wanting to try lately, but that would require having energy to do something after the baby is in bed and the house is cleaned back up. 
It hasn't happened yet.
When it does, I hope to make this:

a painted piece of furniture (in my case my computer desk) in the shade Rainstorm by Sherwin Williams

homemade growth chart from

bird mobile (to be hung in Dean's room) from

Instead I usually muster just enough energy to take off my makeup (sometimes), put on my pajamas (once in awhile) and slip into bed at a reasonable hour (sort of).

The truth is...I am not a night person! 
However, having a baby means that you don't have "me" time until night. 
I could wake up early, and pretend to be a morning person (which I'd prefer), but that plan has some flaws in it too. 
D works night shift which means on his days off, he wants to stay up with me.
 I want to stay up with him too- he's really cute. Staying up late and getting up early don't mix. 
But, I must break this cycle somehow.

I can hear Scarlett now:

"Tomorrow I'll think of some way . . . after all, tomorrow is another day."

and in the words of Rhett:

"How fickle is woman."


Well said, Rhett, well said.

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  1. i have been very much in the crafting mood lately, too....oh, to have unlimited time and money!


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