Thursday, July 28, 2011


No, I didn't go to the recent NKOTB concert, but whilst thinking of an appropriate title for this post I began singing "step, by, step...oooh, baby".

Big mama announcement: Dean has begun walking. He started on Sunday and has continued to make some progressive steps (pun intended). The BEST part about it- D was there to see it. He actually saw it first! I secretly worry that he'll feel like he's missing out on Dean's growth because of the 80ish hours a week he puts into work.

This past week, D and I have enjoyed some fun date nights. Sunday, we had planned a trip to the lake, but the weather didn't seem ideal. So...we went to see Harry the drive-in...while Dean slept in the backseat.

Public Service Announcement: Moms and dads of little ones: go to the drive-in to watch a movie. You get to talk, kiss, and giggle with your honey. The baby sleeps in the backseat, you support an awesome small business, and you don't have to get a babysitter. Do it. Seriously. You'll feel like you just cheated the system.

No, Sunday night is not a conventional date night, but we're just wild and crazy like that. Also, it's a night D has off.

Tuesday night (also not a conventional date night) D and I went to the first ever USO concert held on American soil. It was a fun night. We looked something like this:
...I wish. Actually, it was country music, NASCAR, and Jim Beam- a good time, very Kentucky, but not nearly as nostalgic.


Speaking of nostalgic, I'm knee deep in baby nostagia today. Dean turned 9 months old today. Actually in 51 minutes from my typing this.

It's hitting me hard.

He doesn't look like a baby to me anymore. I see a boy. Being a mama is bittersweet. I'm soaking it up and looking forward to the new changes. Here's a fun look back at the past nine months.

Newborn Dean
3 month old Dean

6 months

D and I are over the moon blessed.

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