Friday, July 15, 2011

..:baby bird:..

We have a baby bird hopping around our back yard these days. His mom is fiercely protective. She gives him freedom to feed himself, move around, and explore. All the while, she's watching from her perch on the fence. When a fat cat comes too close, she squawks loudly and swoops down until the danger is gone.

This week was a trying week for this mama bird. I had a few concerns at little D's daycare and voiced them. You have to. It's not fun being the squawking bird. It is fun to watch the growth though. The exploring, the personality, and the independence. Unlike the mama bird in the back yard, my baby bird spends A LOT of time being annoyingly kissed by his mama.

This week was tiring. Mentally and emotionally. A friend of D's passed away yesterday, I worked late last night, there was the aforementioned daycare dilemma, and lots of alone time.

This evening, I peeked out the back windows and saw some wilted, freshly planted trees in our backyard. So, I shagged my rear end outside and began watering. Don't you feel like an awesomely, powerful superhero when you're standing before a sad, wilted plant-friend with the hose? No? neither. While I was out there, I did a few other things: put down plastic in a flower bed to be covered with mulch, lit the citronella candles to shoo away misquitos, pulled weeds, trimmed the wild pampas grass, hoisted some vines up higher (I love, love, love training vines!), and pretended to be an olympic shotputter as I threw some big stones. Seriously, I practiced my form!

Other breaking news: I've tried pinterest and am bored with it. If you're not familiar, it's a fancy way to save items and share them with others. From a lifelong-collage-lover, I'm here to thanks. I've got my blog to suck up enough of my evening. Oh, and my youtube makeup videos.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to take little D on a walk in the always shaded Audobon Park neighborhood. Because I need to keep my butt moving.

I'm leaving you with a picture that makes me smile. It's an akward angle and a goofy expression that I have, but it's a BIG laugh that is being shared. The kind that makes you forget that people have cameras, the kind that you remember years later.

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