Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's been a long day. The kind of day where you're rushing to the daycare to pick up your child moments before 6. The kind where you get there by the skin of your teeth, your child is up front in the lobby with the last adult left, and you rush in making a thousand apologies (all whilst feeling like the world's worst mom). The kind of day where you run yourself ragged at work, bring work home, and know you've got a mess of a desk waiting for you tomorrow. The kind of day when walking out of the office, into the 90+ degree heat is a relief.

I could go on. But I won't. Instead, I'll leave you with this picture of a tree. It's affectionately known as "the Dean tree". It's an oak. From a tiny acorn...

Yes, it needs watering. I did so right after the pic. And, yes, it's dark out. I'm taking pics of a wilted tree, in the dark, hoping to not step on a snake with my bare feet. Oy vey.

Today was "Wonderful Wednesday" at the Alsey household. Yes, it's very teacher-y of me. No, teacher-y, is not a real word. But here's a pic of the art projects Dean created this evening. The top one is for D for a VERY SPECIAL announcement he called me with today, and the other is for his teacher (yes, I'm sucking up because I felt like a heel of a mom today for having my baby stranded at daycare until the 11th hour).

Also, I know I said I was going to have a blog about fitness next, but seeing as I ate a bowl of ice cream and am about to head in for a second one...I'm thinking it's probably not the night. ;)

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