Thursday, June 2, 2011

s is for stress

I visited with some lovely friends tonight. We chatted about our lives as we tended to our babies. It was theraputic, and very needed. This has been a heck of a week, and honestly a heck of a few months. I finally let go of the stress I was holding onto towards the end of the visit.

Do you have girlfriends that will lift you up simply by being there? By caring about what's happening in your life? I hope so. They make a world of difference in this busy, crazy world.

As we chatted, I realized that I was feeling anxious and uptight about some future changes that are on the Alsey horizon. I don't tend to handle change very all. My number one fear, post-baby was how to find balance in my life again. I've been looking through some blogs, pinterest, and youtube tonight trying to unwind, and I found this:

This pic is from Joy's Hope.

I'll leave you with a pic of my lovely girlfriends. This is from a "we're-turning-30-this-year!" get together. Tonight's visit was with both of the ladies in blue.

Final thought: Today I saw my reflection in a daycare window and did not recognize myself. I quickly buckled Dean in, started the car, and called my hair stylist. I haven't seen her in a long time. As in almost a year. It shows. My hair is looking bad...really bad. I'll have to do a before and after pic.

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