Wednesday, January 5, 2011

.:auld lang syne:.

Last week D and I drove up to the outlet mall to hit JCrew. I got a gift card for Christmas and wanted to get the most bang for her buck.

I was incredibly anxious about the trip because Dean is not exactly known for hanging out in his carseat nicely. It's usually a deafening, maddening experience.

Insurance rates for new parents should probably go up.

We're not exactly as focused on the road as we once were.

It's hard to when you feel like your ears are about to bleed.

At least that's been our experience.

Good news, Dean slept like a champ the entire hour and a half trip. We timed it so that I could nurse him when we got there and then head off with our bellies filled and our spirits high! Unfortunately, shopping wasn't a success. Not for the men-folk anyway.

"Um, hi honey. I love you and I'm thrilled that you're watching him so I don't have to, but... could you leave this store?"


Mom and dad came over to babysit our little fella on New Years Eve.

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