Monday, December 6, 2010

a little to the left

D and I have been so busy, I've barely had a moment to myself.

My to do list grows daily.

The laundry piles are about to eat a cat, Christmas decorations are piled up everywhere waiting to find their holiday home, and I'm blogging instead of showering or working on the list.

We've ventured out into the freezing cold for a Christmas tree, had our family pictures taken, we've had our first baby sitter for the little one (aka had our first date night since Dean's appearance on the scene), and we've been meeting each other coming and going.

With all that said, I've never been happier. I feel peaceful. I feel loved.
And, I feel thrilled to share my love with others.


Our sad, little tree was fun to find. Dustin and I bundled up Dean and headed out to Harrison County to visit a tree farm that my family had frequented many years ago. The farm uses an honor system for payment and is quaint. It's also in disrepair. Apparently the farm is going out of business, and the trees that are left are small and Charlie Brownish.
The tree we picked was one of the larger fellas, and it took Dustin approximately 30 seconds to saw it down. The tree is so small, it's not fitting in the tree stand. We've rigged up a system that includes dishrags and a toddler bowl for the tree to sit in inside of the stand. All of this equals- a whole lot of leaning. I'm waiting for Dustin to come home and straighten it out because I'm nice like that.


Um, by the way...the camera is dying a slow, painful death. What the heck are the black spots on the picture? I was sure that when I saw them on the screen this morning it was just the camera and would not translate to the actual pics...

Apparently, I was wrong.
Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Here's some non-black spotted, but not necessarily good pictures from the past few days.
This is a sad, sad attempt at family picture at the tree farm. We turned on the bright lights, Dustin held the tree, and I held Dean. Then...nothing happened. I checked the camera and of course it said "battery exhausted". So, I took this to try to capture the moment. It didn't.
This is what life looks like in the Alsey household. This picture really makes me smile.
I'm strapped into my Breast Friend pillow (a wonderful, wonderful helper in this nursing journey), I'm wearing comfortable clothes with pee on my leg and spit up on my left shoulder, my hair is in a ponytail because it's not washed and Dean likes to grab it, and Murphy the basset hound is loving on the little man.

This is Dean at the doctor's office on Monday. This was right before I bragged to the doctor about how much sleep we get at night (he asked). It was also right before he got a shot, and decided that he wasn't going to play the I-sleep-well-at-night game anymore. Seriously. He was up every hour, on the hour, for a couple of nights after. He's slowly been stretching it back out, and he's finally close to being back to his solid sleep-filled night.

Notice though he's not crying. YAY! I didn't walk out of the office drenched in sweat and a pounding headache this time! That's giving me hope.
It's the little things really.

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