Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The world stopped spinning...

This picture is for Grandpa Alsey- Dean was trying his best to nurse on the lamb while in his swing. :)

Bathtime in the Alsey household!

Dean loved the water.

On our way to his first bath. (The sweet baby smell had been long since replaced by other odors)

Play time just before his first bath.

Not so sure about the bath business. Waiting for Dustin to get the water ready.

A package of gifts for Dean from his Uncle Willie! I'm including this so I don't forget to say that Dustin and I have been overwhelmed by everyone's generosity! We're so blessed to be surrounded by such great family and friends.

Napping during the day on a nest mama made.

Flowers D brought home to me after a particularly hard day/night. :) He's thoughtful like that.

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