Wednesday, November 17, 2010

white noise

It's 9 pm and I found myself once again heading into the den, turning the lights down low, and working on my little man's sleep.

This time, however, he is sound asleep. How? He's tightly swaddled, his belly is full, and I have a continuous loop of white noise playing on the computer. I'm tempted to move his bassinet down here (it's our den/guest room) and sleep downstairs tonight. We'll see.

Tomorrow's goals: Buy some white noise mp3's (to play in the bedroom). Shower before Dustin gets home. Go on a walk in the park before it rains. Sign up for some volunteer work. Work on some more thank you cards. Oh, and post some of the pictures/video I took from Dean's first bath!

It's awfully helpful to write out my day's goals for everyone to see! Keeps me focused!!

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