Friday, November 12, 2010

.:where's waldo?:.

Last night Dean slept like a champ. One thing that I didn't mention about the doctor's appt. was that he said that Dean is an unusually good sleeper. I agree. He'll go for 3 or 4 hour stretches regularly. The only downside is that he wakes up ravenous and then attacks me. It's not his crying that wakes Dustin's his growling...

This is an honest picture of my morning. Can you find the child hidden amongst the piles? Yep, that's him...nestled between hair dye (because the grays on my head are not helping with these postpartum hormones) and the stove where I'm putting together Dustin's lunch. It's only 9ish in the morning, but when you start your day at 5 am- 9 seems like lunch. Some days, Dustin is able to run home from work and eat here. After taking the picture and seeing the kitchen for what it is...a mess...I promptly put Dean in a bouncer and got to work cleaning it up.
Our morning play time is stretching in length and it's actually becoming enjoyable. Today we read a book, sang songs, and looked at ourselves in the mirror. I also took a few moments capturing him while he was alert.

Today's goal: dye my hair brown

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