Saturday, November 13, 2010

.:.not a happy camper.:.

Here's the question: who is doing the wailing, screaming and crying right now? The truth is both Dean and I are. It turns out that when your little one will not calm down- try as you might to soothe and meet his needs- both of you wail a little. My crying is in my heart.

Lord, I thought you said you wouldn't give me more than I could handle. Clearly, this is more that I can handle. Do you hear him, Lord? What does he need? Why is he so upset? He's full, clean, and burped. He's tired- I know he is. He just stopped crying to yawn! He sleeps fine for naps during the day. When I put him down he snuggles in and sleeps contently. Why not now?

Last night my little sleeping champion did not fair so well. I knew I shouldn't have mentioned it on this blog. Seriously I got a total of 4 hours. Dustin had the day off today and took over when all of my maternal instincts failed me. I was able to get a long (3 hour) nap today while D and Dean watched the U of L game- looks like it was smart of me to take that time.

Wait a second...he's quiet. It's a Christmas miracle!

Let's hope it lasts...if it doesn't there may be many bleary-eyed blog posts tonight.

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